1. Euphorium by Antenna Theater, 3:30 Esplanade. Experience the virtual opium-induced dream world of poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. You will walk through an environment and experience the visions that led Coleridge to write the poem, Kubla Khan. While images float before your eyes you will hear snippets of the poem mixed with music creating a hallucinatory soundscape.

2. The Mystic Krewe of Satyrs Moth Ball at the Cocoon Club - 9:00 Wednesday night ,at the Center Camp ring. Join our Second Annual Funky New Orleans Party, the "MOTH BALL." Sample our Nectars and help cocoon our Caterpillar so it can "Mothomorphosize" on Friday night. This is a Costume Ball, with bugs bidding for the "Best of the Bar."

3. Black Rock Electric Parade - Sunday night at 9:00, starting at the roller disco in Center Camp. The annual parade of el-wire vehicles and costumes. Look for the giant mobile bumblebee!!

4. Spinnin' Anemeone Carousel by the Manatee Love Society...A pedal-powered carousel with six whimsical sea creatures, each with a name, a history and the proper accessories, and a center column with animated el-wire kelp and bubbles. Each night at dusk the fab fishy creatures will come out and celebrate the glorious lighting of the reefs. Let them take you on a sea cruise. In the Playground (theme art area).

5. Mothomorphosis -Join the Mystic Krewe of Satyrs in parading from their camp to the Mausoleum to witness the FIERY TRANSFORMATION of a caterpillar a to moth, celebrating the death of technology in favor of a world driven by Primal Urges.

6. Amazing Larry's Lucky 7 Ages of Man - For those of us who prefer live musicians playing actual instruments to techno. Inside two giant red dice you will find a dark, sexy nightclub serving cocktails and featuring live jazz with a sultry vocalist.. Out on the open playa at 1:00 about a half-mile past the man.

7. Dragging of the Lion - A fifty-foot long lion, a prop from a production of the opera Aida, will be dragged from Camp One Tribe at 3:30 and Esplanade out onto the open playa in the 12:00 position somewhere between the Mausoleum and the trash fence. When it comes to rest "Trust", a five-minute requiem for the 20th century, will be performed.

8. Maze tours - daily from 4-6. In case you can't figure out how to get through this insanely complicated Maze, you will be shown the theme rooms, center courtyard and gallery, and the other art within.

9. Ziggurat Burn - on Saturday night after the Man burns, (midnight-ish) the Ziggurat in the Playground area of the theme art will burn gloriously after a performance. As the 25' structure burns, see the four giant flaming spheres ( wood, sage, underwear and ---?) roll down their respective ramps, strike a set of art pins, and come to rest in their burn podiums.

10. Temple of Tears - Grief ritual and burn. Sunday night, 10:30 ish, at the Mausoleum area of the theme art, out past the Man. David Best's wooden filigree fantasy, bigger and more complex than last year's Temple of the Mind, will be set on fire after a ritual of collective mourning. A fitting way to end your Burning Man. Runner-up: Lost at Last performance at Emerald City, 2:15 Esplanade, on Friday night, with big lasers and other visual special effects. LadyBee Curator, Burning Man 415-695-3901 X 203 415-648-6840 www.burningman.com

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